How to integrate Greenplum with dBASE with an ETL app

How to integrate Greenplum with dBASE with an ETL app

The Story of Connor from North Dakota and how he was able to integrate Greenplum with dBASE with an ETL app

Connor, his company and the problem

Connor has been a IT administrator within the rubber industry for quite some time, despite the fact that he’s known as a bit of a slacker and taking the occasional Friday off. Due to the fact that Connor takes quite some time off, he is frequently behind. Others tend to begrudge him for this and aren’t as willing to help him get caught up. However, Connor has an outgoing personality that helps him get others to eventually come back to his side, whether by aiding others at work or taking them along with him on weekends, so that everyone can pitch it and get things done on time.
Connor had dealt with how to integrate Greenplum with dBASE before, but when looking through reports and the IT administrator saw that his job at this new rubber company required it, he knew that it would require a different solution. All of Connor’s previous experience on the situation was of no use to him now, much to his displeasure. Connor even tried to put different spins on the solutions he used in his last industry to fit this one, but he came up empty each time.
One day, a group of co-workers approached Connor and notified him that their rubber company needed to integrate Greenplum with dBASE. Connor acts cool and collected, but on the inside he wishes that he has the strength to reach out to others within the company for their ideas. A few co-workers try to give Connor some insight, but it is clear that they know just about as much on how to integrate Greenplum with dBASE as he does – not a lot.

How Connor was able to find the solution

Connor tried with all of his might to converse within others in his rubber company, but too many felt too unfamiliar with him to actually sit down and think out the situation – and it also made Connor uncomfortable to follow that route. Having used the Internet many times before in order to try to avoid having to bother others with his work issues, Connor randomly browses YouTube in hopes for a solution. It takes him quite some time, but eventually Connor comes across an informative “How To” in regards to integrate Greenplum with dBASE! It isn’t directly related, but it’s close enough to intrigue the IT administrator, so he decides to contact the owner of the account right away.
It takes a few e-mails, but after a few weeks the runner of the blog responds to Connor. The user seems a bit unsure, but suggests that Connor uses pull data from different sources for analytics as the person had seen others use pull data from different sources for analytics successfully for their own problems in trying to integrate Greenplum with dBASE. Although not feeling completely satisfied with the enthusiasm of the runner of the blog, Connor decides to get the tech person in the rubber industry to help him out and see if together they could make something work with the pull data from different sources for analytics.
Although Connor is not used to working with such a small amount of people, especially those who are in relatively similar roles to him, they do their best to overcome the ego issues that inevitably arise, although some days it is difficult. Connor doesn’t initially get full support of the staff members, but he and a couple others show the true potential of how pull data from different sources for analytics would work to integrate Greenplum with dBASE. Although seemingly quite sceptical, Connor eventually gets the approval he needs!

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How Connor’s life changed after finding the solution

Now that Connor has proved that even though he’s quiet, he does have the motivation as a IT administrator in order to wrangle up those he needs in order to get problems solved. Connor continues to do his best in order for others to feel more comfortable to come to him about their issues, and he uses pull data from different sources for analytics as a jumping-off point to prove how reliable he is at meeting others’ needs. Connor’s name became much more well known within the rubber company – no longer was he the quiet IT administrator that no one knew!
It didn’t take Connor long to recognize that what had helped him get to this point was creative thinking and not following the same old routine. He had never considered it before because the IT administrator had been so comfortable in his routine that deviating from it seemed like folly. Seeing the results, though, showed that creative thinking really held all the answers, whether it was learning how to integrate Greenplum with dBASE effectively or even lesser issues like scheduling or team meetings.
Connor lives up to his new reputation at work and continuously strives to ensure that pull data from different sources for analytics will continue to be the answer that they were all looking for in order to make sure the “ integrate Greenplum with dBASE” issue won’t be an issue in the future again. Connor never forgets to check for any updates or new information on pull data from different sources for analytics and always implements any such things at first chance. It doesn’t take long for those within the rubber company to hear of Connor hard work and dedication to solving the company’s issues spreads, and it also isn’t long before the IT administrator gets the recognition that is due to him.

How to integrate Greenplum with dBASE with an ETL app at your company

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