How to integrate Netezza with osCommerce with an ETL app

How to integrate Netezza with osCommerce with an ETL app

The Story of Ian from Canada and how he was able to integrate Netezza with osCommerce with an ETL app

Ian, his company and the problem

The garden company within Canada has known their IT administrator position to be filled by Ian for quite some time now. However, Ian tends to like to do things in a way that his company did when it first started up, meaning that he occasionally makes things much harder on himself. Other people respect Ian for his experience as a IT administrator and the maturity that he brings, so they try to get him up to speed with the latest technology whenever possible.
To Ian’s displeasure while filling out forms and looking at reports (his favourite duties), he discovers his company’s urgent duty to integrate Netezza with osCommerce. Ian feels lost because it’s clear that all of his old-fashioned methods wouldn’t do the trick in this particular situation. Even though Ian goes through his old notes and outdated training manuals, nothing comes up that would even remotely help him to integrate Netezza with osCommerce.
Because Ian always checks in on other workers and how they’re doing, they frequently begin to do the same to him on seeing how he is doing trying to figure out how to integrate Netezza with osCommerce – making it absolutely impossible to ignore the issue. If he figured out how to integrate Netezza with osCommerce, though, Ian knows that he could be seen as an independent thinker and not just someone who bounces ideas off of others. Knowing that he would make his co-workers (and friends, in his mind) proud, Ian whole-heartedly commits himself to the issue.

How Ian was able to find the solution

Ian tried with all of his might to converse within others in his garden company, but too many felt too unfamiliar with him to actually sit down and think out the situation – and it also made Ian uncomfortable to follow that route. Having used the Internet many times before in order to try to avoid having to bother others with his work issues, Ian randomly browses YouTube in hopes for a solution. It takes him quite some time, but eventually Ian comes across an informative “How To” in regards to integrate Netezza with osCommerce! It isn’t directly related, but it’s close enough to intrigue the IT administrator, so he decides to contact the owner of the account right away.
After a few days, Ian almost forgets about his form that he had sent off to that author. When he reads the response, the author apologizes for his delay but then gives a detailed account on how using enable data lake management was what helped him when figuring out how to integrate Netezza with osCommerce himself. Instead of going to the team, Ian tracked down a single person within the garden company to help him implement enable data lake management.
The IT administrator wasn’t the most tech-savvy person in the universe, and therefore he initially experienced issues with enable data lake management as any problems that he experienced, he had no way to know how to resolve it. The various co-workers who offered to help Ian assisted where they could, and together they had a wide enough knowledge base to make enable data lake management work. With their help, Ian soon found that enable data lake management was actually exactly what he needed for integrate Netezza with osCommerce, and he couldn’t have been more delighted!

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How Ian’s life changed after finding the solution

Ian truly did show everyone within the garden company that he could successfully work on a team, which earned him a lot more respect than even he had anticipated. Ian kept up with the others on the team to ensure that they were all on the same page and that everyone had a thorough understanding on not only knowing how to use enable data lake management. but also to troubleshoot it as well. Ian truly was seen as a team player after that, and more people were willing to go to their IT administrator comfortably when the need arose.
It didn’t take Ian long to recognize that what had helped him get to this point was creative thinking and not following the same old routine. He had never considered it before because the IT administrator had been so comfortable in his routine that deviating from it seemed like folly. Seeing the results, though, showed that creative thinking really held all the answers, whether it was learning how to integrate Netezza with osCommerce effectively or even lesser issues like scheduling or team meetings.
Every time there are new recruits within Ian’s company, he makes sure either he or someone else experienced shows the new trainees on how to use enable data lake management when they need to integrate Netezza with osCommerce. Ian also follows up with the trainees later to make sure that they understand how to use enable data lake management and to personally answer any questions that they may have. Due to all of Ian’s hard work as a IT administrator, he earns the recognition he deserves within the company from the higher ups!

How to integrate Netezza with osCommerce with an ETL app at your company

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