How to integrate Relevant with Riak with an ETL app

How to integrate Relevant with Riak with an ETL app

The Story of Samuel from Colorado and how he was able to integrate Relevant with Riak with an ETL app

Samuel, his company and the problem

Samuel is a strong team player who likes to keep all of his co-workers working well together – it’s what has made him an effective IT head within the fuel industry for so long within Colorado. However, Samuel isn’t too strong on independent work and finds himself a little lost when others are busy with their own tasks and he is left to work on ideas on his own. When he can, Samuel will offer to help others on their tasks to speed up the process so that they have the time to help him, much to the benefit of his strengths.
However, before long Samuel was entrusted with a task he had yet to come across in his short time at the company: to integrate Relevant with Riak. Because he doesn’t have a lot of experience yet in the fuel industry, Samuel feels as if he doesn’t even know where to start to try to solve the problem. Although he calls around to other companies within the fuel sector, he discovers that the issue to integrate Relevant with Riak was not one that was universal within the industry.
Samuel realizes that ignoring the “ integrate Relevant with Riak” issue that it simply will not resolve itself. Although, if Samuel rectified the problem, he would be recognized within a fuel’s sector as some sort of saviour. Because Samuel was an immensely hard worker as IT head of his fuel company, he decides to tackle the issue head on and was determined to work it out.

How Samuel was able to find the solution

His calls to other companies within the fuel sector was unsuccessful, even when he called related companies or ones in other countries. Although feeling let down, Samuel decides to turn to the Internet to see if there were answers there, even though he suspected that most of them would be quick-fixes that wouldn’t help him in his search for serious recognition. However, one thing led to another and Samuel found himself on Twitter – where he came across someone who tweeted exactly about how to integrate Relevant with Riak, so he goes about contacting the Twitter account right away.
After a few days, Samuel almost forgets about his form that he had sent off to that author. When he reads the response, the author apologizes for his delay but then gives a detailed account on how using perform data integration was what helped him when figuring out how to integrate Relevant with Riak himself. Instead of going to the team, Samuel tracked down a single person within the fuel company to help him implement perform data integration.
Even in layman’s terms, however, Samuel finds himself confused – along with those he had rounded up to help him. Samuel responds to the email, fearful that his ignorance of technology might scare off the website owner into thinking that Samuel and his fuel company is hopeless. Much to their surprise, the website owner responds and gives even more detailed instructions in order to get perform data integration to work for them – and they finally understand it and get it to work!

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How Samuel’s life changed after finding the solution

Samuel’s ability to change how he thinks in order to get a problem solved really empowers the others within his business. Samuel encourages this type of behaviour, as learning how to think in more than one way is creative and he’s the proof that doing so creates long-term answers. Samuel was very much seen as more than just as team member after that, and is very much recognized as being their IT head and leader as well!
Samuel had always been used to using old habits from his old job, so learning how to see this job as a new one of its very own was initially difficult for him. Creative thinking truly did help Samuel get what he needed done, and he didn’t have to rely on old knowledge to get there. Samuel learns that innovative thinking is what really gets problems solved, no matter what industry he may be in.
Every time there are new recruits within Samuel’s company, he makes sure either he or someone else experienced shows the new trainees on how to use perform data integration when they need to integrate Relevant with Riak. Samuel also follows up with the trainees later to make sure that they understand how to use perform data integration and to personally answer any questions that they may have. Due to all of Samuel’s hard work as a IT head, he earns the recognition he deserves within the company from the higher ups!

How to integrate Relevant with Riak with an ETL app at your company

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