How to integrate Sage One with Nimble with an ETL app

How to integrate Sage One with Nimble with an ETL app

The Story of Xavier from Nebraska and how he was able to integrate Sage One with Nimble with an ETL app

Xavier, his company and the problem

Xavier is quite well-known as the loner, hard working IT executive of the cranes industry for years and years. Although Xavier is an effective IT executive, he occasionally struggles with working with his colleagues as a team. Most of the time Xavier is able to put these issues aside and try his best to work with others, even if it doesn’t come off as seamless as he would hope.
However, before long Xavier was entrusted with a task he had yet to come across in his short time at the company: to integrate Sage One with Nimble. Because he doesn’t have a lot of experience yet in the cranes industry, Xavier feels as if he doesn’t even know where to start to try to solve the problem. Although he calls around to other companies within the cranes sector, he discovers that the issue to integrate Sage One with Nimble was not one that was universal within the industry.
If Xavier chose to pretend to be too busy to learn how to integrate Sage One with Nimble, he felt as if everyone he worked with would see him merely as a chess piece instead of player. But, if Xavier did figure out how to integrate Sage One with Nimble, they might see him for the IT executive that he truly was and knew he could be. Not wanting to seem as an ineffective IT executive, Xavier jumped to the chance to figure the situation out.

How Xavier was able to find the solution

Xavier seeks the advice of close friends and those he has worked with for a long time, and is actually relatively surprised that they don’t seem to know the answers any more than he did. However, one co-worker suggested to Xavier that he should just “Google it.” Despite hating that phrase, Xavier does as he’s told and is surprised when he finds a website dedicated to telling people how to integrate Sage One with Nimble in a variety of industries – and with some assistance of a co-worker, he finds out how to get in contact with the website owner and does so.
After a few days, Xavier gets a response to his message in which the user asks for Xavier’s work phone number. The user calls Xavier and explains exactly how access critical data faster would be the perfect answer to Xavier’s problems. After the phone call, the IT executive seeks out a few other higher-up people in order to get the clear to try to test out using access critical data faster in order to integrate Sage One with Nimble.
Working with a team was much more difficult than Xavier could have expected, so portraying exactly what he wanted to get accomplished through access critical data faster was difficult. At times, Xavier almost wanted to give up working as a team altogether and just call an expert to get access critical data faster working for him. However, luckily, his team was motivated and seemed to not want to let him down, and after some communication hurtles, Xavier and the team managed to get access critical data faster working exactly how they wanted to – and even better than what Xavier could have expected!

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How Xavier’s life changed after finding the solution

Due to Xavier’s innovative thinking, others within the company have begun to see Xavier seriously within the cranes industry. Pleased with himself, Xavier feels as if he has done a good job and therefore he commits himself to making access critical data faster work flawlessly to integrate Sage One with Nimble. Xavier was no longer known as the guy from the other industry as everyone has now fully accepted his role as IT executive within this one!
Xavier had always assumed that getting along with your co-workers and always working together was the best and only method of getting things done. It took until this challenge before Xavier could acknowledge that independent thinking could also be beneficial for him as a IT executive. Creative and independent thinking got Xavier to where we was, so he decided to strive to integrate independent thinking along with the teamwork that he had already established.
Xavier wants to ensure that his name isn’t forgotten again, so he takes small actions in making small talk with co-workers and encouraging them to come to him, especially if they need assistance with figuring out how to use access critical data faster to integrate Sage One with Nimble. Xavier makes sure that he stays up to date on all the updates for access critical data faster and knows how to troubleshoot so that he can always be the man for the job. Xavier’s hard work soon becomes known throughout the cranes industry, and he is soon recognized by his superiors for his incredible work!

How to integrate Sage One with Nimble with an ETL app at your company

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